Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quarter Century Club.

This is a little late...
But, I had a great birthday.
Here is a recap of some of
the great things that happened
for my 25th.

*Breakfast with Kari at Ted's Bakery.
*Giant birthday balloons from Tevita, Malia, & Shalye.
*Nice long nap for the day. (Still working the occasional overnight...)
*Chicken fajitas/delicious birthday cake with a million candles
from Doug, Becky, Jake, & baby Tucker.
* And, oh yea, a TSUNAMI. What a treat. Luckily 
our island wasn't hit too hard, but there
was definitely a scare. I was working overnight and 
got to hang out in the Penthouse all night due to our
being evacuated at 1AM. Thanks for all the texts/phone calls
from those of you concerned for my well-being.
* A fun-filled weekend at Ko Olina for some sand, sun, and waterslide...and food. Way, way too much food.

We were having so much fun, I wasn't
able to snap any pictures of us actually
DOING anything.
But the view was AMAZING!
They actually gave us a top floor room.
Penthouse. Even with my measly associate rate.
Only catch, it was an ADA room. So there
were bars everywhere and the kitchen
counter was unreasonably short.
Which in turn,
had short lamps that we kept banging
our heads on.
I'll take it!

Then there were a couple of other birthday
treats that came later in the week.
Stephen took me to this adorable
little cafe called the Cream Pot
I felt like I was in a little dollhouse
the whole time.
Every thing was so dainty & cute.
Thanks Stephen! You are the best.

Mint Lemonade. Yum.

Overall, I feel extremely loved &
 blessed to have so many great
people in my life. Thanks
to everybody for making my
25th year so superb!