Sunday, May 8, 2011


This past weekend was bittersweet.
My sweet grandmother,
Minnie Ophelia Jones Gordon,
passed away.
We had found out only three weeks 
prior that she had cancer. 

I was talking to my brother about all of the wonderful things
that were said about Grandma at her Memorial Service.
She was truly the most charitable, wonderful, loving woman
I have ever known. And that is what EVERYBODY said. 
She loved everybody with her whole heart and NEVER judged another person.

She met my grandpa when she was working at the Bureau of Yards and Docks in Washington D.C.
They were married on March 11, 1954.
My birthday (32 years earlier:)
They lived all over including Charleston NC, Naples Italy, Norfolk VA, 
London England, San Antonio Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona,
and finally Oak Harbor Washington. 

My favorite memory of Grandma was the way she would greet you.
She would have this HUGE smile on her face and squeeze you so tight.
Then she would pull back, keep holding you, and look you straight
in the eye and tell you how much she loved you. 
(She did this with everybody)
She was never shy to tell you how much she loved 
me and how proud of me she was. No matter what I was doing in life.

The sweet part of the weekend was seeing ALL of the family
in one place for the first time in about 15 years.

Ten of her eleven grandchildren were there and I KNOW
she was smiling down on us that day.
I also was able to visit where my Grandfather on my Dad's side is laid to rest.
 They are in the same Cemetery in Kent, Washington.

It's times like these when I am truly grateful to have
the knowledge of the gospel and to KNOW that I will
see them again. No doubt in my mind.
Rest in Peace 
Sweet Minnie.